Have you ever met someone who is an outright treacherous hypocrite?

When he is not mature enough to deal with his business, he would exploit you as a friend as much as he could.

As soon as he has achieved what he desired, he would start distancing himself from you and giving you cold shoulders. Until the point you have lost all strategic values to him, he would simply berate you unreasonably as if you have owed his whole clan.

When you are embittered and start retaliation, he would immediately, with sham and shrewd oratory in front of his peers, pose as a docile sheep chased by a heinous wolf in order to “show” that you are “waging aggression” on him until everyone he knows believes that you are the “aggressor” that whatever you argue would have little effect in shifting the informational balance.

There – you have “accepted” all of the guilt which he is supposed to bear for his treachery.

Such kind of assholes are never exceptions in the pool of Chinese, but take up almost the majority that the really kind ones are forever misunderstood and scapegoated regardless of how much virtues you possess.

You certainly have no power to wipe out all of these assholes and create a better Chinese world. Thus, the best way is, if you are capable, immigrate to European/American countries where virtuous people are more respected than in Chinese world.

What do you think?


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